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Online Blackjack is still one of the easiest games to consistently win if a player follows a conservative and consistent strategy. It is one of the most popular games in online casinos today and it’s important to note that online blackjack offer a low house advantage.

The goal of Blackjack, be it played in land based or online casinos, is to beat the dealer. Players do not compete with each other, but rather try to beat the dealer’s hand. If either a player or the dealer exceed a score of 21, they bust and automatically lose the game. .

Although Blackjack is considered by most casinos a game of chance, it is above all a game of skill. However, since they profit from the Blackjack gambling community’s growth each time rumour has it that someone beat the Blackjack casino, no one gets hurt while playing Blackjack. After all, most of the casinos’ table games’ profits derive from Blackjack. .

Players should learn Online Blackjack rules and know more about the online casinos they play in so they can enjoy playing and winning more.


It’s not easy staying in a game of online blackjack. How do you know if it’s you or the cards you’re dealt at the online casino? You might think that online casino blackjack is a simple game, but if you want to become a true online blackjack expert, you’ll have to your dues, both figuratively and literally. There are however, ways that you can practice. After all, practice makes perfect. If you follow these simple online casino rules, you are sure to up your odd at wining online blackjack, no matter what hand you are dealt. Now win gambling with our strategies and tricks.

The first step to playing a successful game of online casino blackjack is getting to know the game. Find a table that you feel comfortable playing at. It’s a smart move to start at a low bidding online casino table. Next, if you are dealt a high number (12-16) and the dealers cards are low ((2-6), you should always stay in the game. In casino blackjack, any hand with an ace is called a “soft hand” and any hand that has no aces is called a “hard hand”.

In online casino blackjack, if you get a total of 10 or 11 and the dealer has a card total of 2-9, you should always “double down”. This means that you actually double your bet but only agree to take one more card. You should always “split” your round if you get 8, 9 or aces. In casino blackjack, this allows you to play each card separately as independent hands. Next, don’t take an additional hit if your cards total more than 17. If your card total is low, you should take an additional hit, but you shouldn’t purchase insurance against the dealer’s odds of getting a blackjack. Insurance protects you in the case the dealer draws an ace. But in the long run, it doesn’t pay off in casino blackjack.

And most importantly, practice makes perfect. So be sure to practice your online casino technique before playing online blackjack for money.

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