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Toto, which is also known as Togel in Indonesia, is a lottery game. The player picks on different numbers on the ticket and makes a bet on those numbers to play the game. The computer will draw the numbers randomly. If the numbers drawn by the computer match the numbers the player bought, he or she is guaranteed a prize pool.

If you are new to Togel games, here are some rules which you need to know while playing Toto games.

Legal age requirement

The minimum age requirement is 18 years. A person must attend 18 years of age to play Togel games. No person is allowed to gamble and claim a prize unless he/ she has attained the legal age of 18 years and above.

Register with the site

Registration is necessary to play Togel games online. All genuine sites will ask for the player’s personal information. You need to provide valid details while signing up online. Also, you need to provide accurate bank account details for the transaction while registering.

Terms and conditions

You must read all the terms and conditions of the company before registering. By signing up with the sites, you agree to obey the terms and conditions of the company. These will be a contract between the company and the player. The company also has the right to decide the date, time, and place of the draw. It will also choose the means and manners on which the draw will take place.


The payments you make to the company in terms of the bet are not refundable. Here, a player must understand that you cannot cancel once you place a bet, nor can you reclaim your money.

Claiming the Prize

Any person who wins in a Togel game must claim their own prize. The account holder or the ticket holder must claim the prize at the given period. If the person fails to claim the prize at a given time, the company will not hold responsible for their delayed actions.

Dispute with the company

Any dispute between the company and the player, the rules and regulations will be final. However, for issues not mentioned in the rules and regulations, the company’s decision will be final.

Abiding by the rules of the game

When you register yourself with a particular site, you are bound to follow the company’s rules and regulations. If a player does not comply with the game rules, the company can reject any bets paid. The company can even refuse to give the prize even if you win the game.

Company’s right to amend the rules

Companies have the right to amend the rule and regulations from time to time upon notifications on the betting website and the outlets. They can also create new variations of the game to attract new customers and make rules according to the type of gaming. Thus, always read the rules and regulations before registering yourself with any gambling sites online.

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