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Online casino games are becoming more popular than ever. Keno is no exception to the online casino gambling fascination. Beginners find Online Keno the easiest game to play in a casino.

Most online casinos have several incentives for drawing and retaining regular Online Keno players, but the methodology of the games does not stray much from traditional Casino Keno. Playing Online Keno is as simple as picking numbers. The more Keno spots the player picks, the more money he gets for the numbers drawn. Conservative players picking less numbers have a better chance of getting paid on fewer matches, but they win less money.

Keno is yet another gambling game. It is surprising at the amount of gambling games that exist today. There is tons of money lying in the casino world. I remember reading an article that said that casinos actually play an important role in the US economy. Las Vegas is feeding on a whole lot of cash thanks to all the casinos in the area.

Gambling maybe viewed by some as a vice but you have to admit, it is great fun. There is nothing like the rush after winning a game at a casino, the feeling of winning is exhilarating and just plain awesome!! I love gambling, it provides great entertainment. Be it card games or slot machines or lottery stuff, I enjoy all of it. Gambling my friends when done with limits, is great, it is certainly not a vice. Gambling is fun and if you can manage to limit yourself to spending only a certain amount of money then you are fine.

Keno is a very simple game, very much like bingo or lottery. The game consists of tickets that have the numbers 1 to 80 on them. On your ticket, depending on the casino you are at, you get to mark either 1 to 20 numbers. Any number, it’s your choice. The casino will draw twenty random balls with numbers on them and the numbers will be displayed on a screen known as “keno boards”. Once all the drawing of numbers is completed, depending on how many numbers on the keno board matched the numbers you selected on your ticket, you win. The more the numbers match, the more your win. The winning ticket should be taken over to the Keno board immediately and one can collect the winning money. It is so easy to play this game, no rocket science involved here, anyone absolutely anyone can master this game. Keno basics can be comprehended in a matter of a few seconds. Play online casino games at Casino and receive exclusive casino welcome bonuses. The online casino guide with extensive rules and strategy on all casino games.


  • Just because a number hasn’t come up in a draw, doesn’t mean that it’s more likely to come up in the next. No particular number is more probable to come up than another; they’re all in the same container and thus, have the same odds of being drawn.
  • There is no certain combination of numbers that is more likely to win. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is just as likely to come up as 6, 39, 24, 80, 44. The first combination is just as unique as the second even though the first seems to be more special because the numbers are in sequence we are used to.
  • When playing online or video keno, get a feel of the game first. It’s virtually impossible to simulate true randomness electronically. Because the computer uses different algorithms to imitate a random draw, playing your numbers in patterns instead of spreading them out all over can sometimes work to your advantage.
  • Use a System – Once you’ve decided to try out a system you will have no trouble finding one. The question is if you have the right attitude about it. It is advisable to use a system for the fun of it and never think that a certain method is winning guaranteed.
  • Play the same amount of spot each time – Some say that it is foolish to play more than a spot 7. The best is most likely to stick to 3 to 4 each time unless you think that you will make a lot of smaller winnings by playing more numbers at once.
  • Play a reduced keno system – You decide an amount of number you are going to play and then you pick a few more than these. On the tickets you are going to play you simply reduce the bigger amount to your actual spot play by removing numbers.
  • Play the same numbers – Play the very same combination on every ticket and hope that this will eventually show up
  • Create a pattern – Use one or two patterns and repeat these in each game.

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