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One of the casino’s most exciting games, Online Craps or dice have no rival when it comes to raising the players out of their numbness. If the dice are on your side, nothing else compares to the exhilaration going on at a Casino Craps pit. Beware, though, of number seven – it can ruin a perfectly profitable Craps game.

If the player is careful and knows his bets, it is pretty easy to win money playing Online Craps. If your luck is steady and you understand how to place a variety of available Craps bets, you can win big time in Online Casino Craps.

Nowadays, Online Craps is available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world, thanks to online casinos. An Online Craps table looks like its Las Vegas counterpart. Don’t be confused by all the bet types. Yes, you should learn all of them, but there are only a few truly worthwhile, which you will learn after reading our tutorials and articles on Craps.

You can practice free Online Craps to get the hang of it, and once you are ready you can play for real money.


Seven’s Coming Around

    1. So keep in mind, that the most common number to roll is a seven. While every fresh roll resets the odds, a seven will come round every few rolls. Out of the thirty-six possible combinations, six of them add up to seven. Hedge your bets and try and predict the optimum time for a seven to appear. Remember, every combination comes up so do not bet the same amount on every roll. Grab odds with a smaller bet on the line and you could come out much farther ahead. That is a good Craps tip to start with.

Six and Eights Can Be Greats!

    1. O.K. it sounds corny, but it will help you remember that the easiest points to hit are six and eights. If six or eight is rolled on the come out, increase your initial bet by one and one half. With the slight decrease in odds, it’s worth it to position yourself to maximize the payout.

Four is Poor

    1. Four is a poor come out roll. Most likely a seven will come round much quicker than another four. Don’t place an extra bet on the come line. There are only four combinations that will yield a four. Wait for the next set to make some money.

Bet Against your Friends

    1. In casinos, it is considered very rude to bet on the Don’t Come line. But 1) you can play online and no one has to know what you are betting on, and 2) who cares? You are trying to win money, not friends. Craps is actually one of the few games that you can bet with the house. Think – the house knows what its doing – it’s the House! While you have to bet a lot to win a little, your risk is way down. So play the time factor and put a little away every few rounds.

Stop and Take a Breath

  1. Another Craps tip is never play a straight progression. It doesn’t work. Take a break every few rounds, whether you are up or down. The old adage not to quit while you are on a roll is ..False! The odds are the same every roll. Taking a break keeps you fresh and less likely to make a mistake.

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